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Tako Luka

Tako Luka
Discovered By: xXxKandiixXx

Additional Info from xXxKandiixXx:

Introduced 2009.08.01, Tako Luka is the indirect reusult of the Character Item War that was made to determine Luka's charatcer item. Tako Luka was created by Sangatsu Youka, after realizing Luka's hair reminded him of an octopus. Her creation marked the end of the cyberskirmish that ensued in the wake of Luka's announcement and launch. Her staying power resulted in being recognized by Crypton who adopted other derivatives such as: Sakine Meiko, Akita Neru, Yowane Haku and Hachune Miku.

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 xXxKandiixXx captioned: Tako Luka 5 years ago

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