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pontiac banshee Picture

pontiac banshee Picture
Discovered By: TorinoGT

Additional Info from TorinoGT:

In 1964 Pontiac unveiled their newest concept car, which they dubbed the Banshee. During its development it was called the XP-833 project. This car was a small two-seater with a long, sweeping hood and a short rear deck. Several different versions were constructed, but only two driveable prototypes were ever built. One was a silver hard-top with a straight six engine and the other is a white convertible with a V-8. Both survive today and are in the hands of private collectors. The silver hardtop version of the Banshee can be seen in the classic car section of Napoli Indoor Auto, In Milford, CT.

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Admin Phaethon commented: The info about that car is very interesting. I actually mistook it for a different old car at first 🙂 1 second ago
TorinoGT commented: I have to admit that I put this up thinking someone would mistake it for a vette. 1 second ago
Admin lonewolf6738 commented: No chance of me mistaking it for a Vette,I dont no what a Vette looks like. 😃 Cool 1F👍 1 second ago
TorinoGT commented: 1 second ago
Admin lonewolf6738 commented: Ok,now I see why someone can mistake it for a Vette. I have seen this car before but did'nt remember it's name. 😃 1 second ago
Admin Phaethon commented: I shouldn't find it as surprising as I do really. TONS of cards now-a-days look very similar to each other.  1 second ago

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