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Sci Fi Steampunk Picture

Sci Fi Steampunk Picture
Discovered By: TorinoGT
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Admin lonewolf6738 commented: 😎SOOOO COOL ! Reminds me of steampunk. Awesome wall 🙂 1F 1 second ago
crystalwarrior commented: I built so many aircraft, based on these pictures, and others similar, for  a Steampunk wargame, I lost count, and when I'd finished, the club I'd made them for decided they'd rather play Warhammer 40k instead. I ended up giving the entire collection to a charity auction.  Made a lot of money, so all's well, that ends well 🙂 7 years ago
Admin lonewolf6738 commented: Bet they were awesome looking,I would love some. You must be very talented and it's great that the money went to charity 🙂   7 years ago

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