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Discovered By: AlphaSystem
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wyntermoonchylde commented: LOVE the message on this one!! 1 second ago
Ashura commented: Theres too many people in our planet, theres no space for nothing =/ 1 second ago
Admin Phaethon commented: It's a real sad sentiment to me really. I just think we need to colonize other planets instead 😉 1 second ago
robin commented: I got this bio-weapon we've been working on to speed up the process. -The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse. 1 second ago
Admin lonewolf6738 commented: Yeh DW, very sad, but colonize other planets, yeh bring it on. 😉 1 second ago
Orome commented: Couldnt even spell "Yourselves" right...   4 years ago

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