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A Sweetie🙂

Fabulous uploads Ajak!

cute kitties 🙂

cute puppy

No se si es el muro de carne o el devora mundos



I'd much rather have seen a trilogy of films about these characters than the ones about Rey that Disney made. A one-shot movie that was packed with wasted potential in the end. That's "woke" culture for you today, they have something wonderful right in front of them, then ignore it and make utter dross using other token characters.

These would make an awesome Bounty hunter crew for Necromunda :-) I may convert some figures in their likeness just for that purpose, as well as for the sheer joy of doing them😃

Love the Color

Pretty Color

beautiful blue rose


Lovely scene, fabulous colours.

Cute and Adorable


awww 🙂

Does she have some magical powers? 😎


awww I wuv snoopy ❤

muy bueno me encato 



❤ this




so sweet 🙂

Awesome pic!


Good One!

Great Grouping of Images??