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oooooooo I didn't know you were the culprit lol

I'll bet on Batman, he has more gadgets 😃  

Well there you go, I learn something every day, Lev Gleason Publications dose ring a bell now come to think of it but still dont remember this DD. Thanks for the comic book lesson Torino 😃

It is a version of Daredevil called 

Hey T is that Captain Boomerang ? Don't remember the costume being that colour. 

Cool wall T 🙂

My Favorite Tomb Raider Game

Mistakes happen, I've added the tag back 😛

Who doesn't see a tree here? 😠 There are a few trees dah

Thanks Again🙂

No problem Sharon, it's a bit hard to know were to put stuff when it fits into a few places, I even get it wrong sometimes😃


Thank you and thank you for all your help.  I was pondering if it was suppose to artistic.  You're the Best!

I want to live there, it looks so peaceful🙂

Beautiful painting🙂

Thank You Gema :)  I wish that was my house all decked out like that 😀

Espectacular 😲

Wow Excellent


This is from that show Carter's Christmas something or other and this one was the winner for the Big Christmas Lighting.

This was my choice too.  Too Beautiful

Hey anon, this isn't from any aired episode as of yet, haven't seen the Boruto movie but doubt it is from there either. Most likely fan art, original artist is linked at the top of the page under "author"


what episode is this?

Nice dark image

My son has that picture tatooed on his arm.  

I like him

I like the cat🙂



This is how it will be. This situation will not last forever and will soon end.

May the pandemic go away and be a good year for all

I still wondering why they put her on that position with a dress like that

lol 👍

Saw the play, read the book 👍