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Amazing eyes :-) Why women shave their eyebrows, then "draw" thicker ones back on again is a question that has me puzzled every time I see this "fashion." If anyone can explain this to me, please feel free, as I am constantly confused when it comes to certain things women do. I love women, but they baffle me all the time :-)

The men in this image remind me of House Delaque Gangers from the Necromunda game by Games Workshop :-)

I like the artwork as I said but all your humming birds are lovely.

Very nice art.



like this

Hearst Castle is a National and California Historical Landmark mansion located on the Central Coast of California, United States.

Nice one

Peek a boo - I see you 🙂  Never saw any of the grudge movies

Excellent wall.


Nicely encompassed in blue tones

Very Lovely

I love this butterfly and all butterflies.  Beautiful

Wonderful B&W

Yes, loved all her movies and thought she was the prettiest

Power puff girls are sweet 

Right, thanks for the info.

I have seen this one before and always loved it so thanks for bringing it here.  The landscape is typically Australia.


She really was stunning, wasn't she? 


Merci have a happy wee-end

This reminds me of the Necromunda Escher gangers I painted for someone. I did their hair in different shades of green/grey/purple, as a change from the blue and red everyone else paints their minis hair, and my customer LOVES them, as they really stand out on the table top. I also painted their outfits different, too, to make them much more individual from other players' minis (LOTS of tiny skulls and animal patterns. Took me a week to finish just one figure, but by the time they were all painted up, I honestly didn't want to part with them :-D) I now have my own Escher gangers ready to paint the same way, with subtle variations on the clothing/hair, so they won't clash/match with the first ones I painted.

This one sweeps you away


Have to admit, I thought this was Power Girl from DC Comics at first, but I still like the image, especially the necklace she's wearing :-)

Her eyes speak volumes.  Lovely

This is such a poignant image. Truly emotional. The huge figure reminds me of the flesh/sword golem figure I'm painting right now, as it's stuck full of swords, not arrows. It's meant to be a Frankenstein type creature,  with swords driven into it from battles. It's from some game or other, Idon't know which, but I had to buy it as it caught my eye, and looked so gorgeous as a painting exercise in different flesh tones and rusty metal combined :-) I'll find  a fitting place for it among my different gaming armies once I'm finished painting it, probably as a "familiar" for one of my necromancers or other magic users :-) Honestly, just having it as a roaming creature in the dungeons of a D&D game would be enough, as I can just imagine what effect it would have when some adventurers meet it, shambling around in the dark rooms/corridors :-)