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lols pork rolls on legs

he found babe

a nice place for a picnic


his brother would'nt be matt dillon

charlie sheen was young then 

i love the different shades of colours in this one

that makes the two of us

shirley maclain plays sister sara which is who you can see with clint

good movie

with a beautiful night sky

i love all the dirty harry movies

yeah kitty wants to be a chef when it grows up

that is beautiful

yes it is beautiful

thanks for the comment ademre73

it is so cute and beautiful you just want to pick it up and take it home

i like the way they built the front end of them with the twin headlights 

its so gangster mean looking

you're welcome swiggz

it must be a girl thing lols

you're welcome swiggz

looks like a good era to live in

yes the fj was the best holden ever built

nice coffee


a beautiful shot of a charging rhino

that cosplayer is hot

so do i

mouth watering 

i feel like having doughnuts now

that one is cute