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He looks like he is just day dreaming smiley

He is a handsome lion, very regalheart1F

As soon as I saw this one I thought you would fav it JerseyGirl. Very nice anime heart1F

Beautiful my friend smiley

NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT ! 11/10yesyesyesSo beautiful,great find my friend smiley 1F

Beautiful my friend,love this 

I just love the arctic wolves from Ellesmere Island heartyes

Beautiful heartyes

Its sort of cute for a rodent, its nose looks a bit like a pigs nose too. I like him yes

Awesome photo, love the angle heartyes

Green Iguana or plain Iguana he's still handsome yes1F

Beautiful heart

These Quantas aircraft with the Aboriginal liverys are one of my favorites,but I have only seen one of them at Sydney airport and only once,I was to busy talking to someone and I didn't get a great photo but at least I have one. laugh

Have not see one since. Awesome upload my friend yes1F

No, but its claws would hurt if it got your finger laugh

BEAUTIFUL !! F+1Dsmiley

That's funny laugh

At least he is looking in the right place smiley

I love this, good idea from the photographer heartyes

The photographer captured a great moment heartyes

Take my hand little one, I will keep you safe smiley

NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT 11/10yesyesyesLove himheartAwesome find torino. smiley

Lol so funny, but he looks comfortable laughheart

Indeed they are or they think they are laugh

Love him, and I think they are close to taking over cdd laugh

Beautiful looking cat heartyes

Yes most of them would rip your skin off with their sharp claws but the ones in the zoo are used to people, I wouldn't go to close to a wild one wink

So cute but not so cute in real life laugh

THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT !! F+1D  11/10yesyesyesWolf'y lovesheartGreat find

Its a beautiful looking cat smiley