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I thought it was in October.  I will look out for you waving at the screen on my TV.

Love this, wonder who owns it and what is her name?  BTW when is the Bathurst race this year, it must be soon.

Thanks for the comment and fav, Sharon, that was sweet of you.

Wow, talk about girl power.  I really like this and the wings are amazing.

Hate wolf wallpapers but a werewolf is something else. What a stunning image.

Glorious mix.

Amazing artwork, terrific image.

This is a v powerful image.

This is a good one, must put it in my downloads asap.

Wonderful wattle, glorious yellow.

Just stunning.

Lovely sky and water.

Gorgeous colors and reflection.

Beautiful blue scene.

Cute kitten but hang on mate, we haven't had Christmas yet.

You are right of course, it is a dear little thing.

A lovely scene.

Lovely and all that Sharon said.

Misty, autumn colors, lovely trees, so nice.

Love the red clouds.

Nice image, like the little secret cove.

Love this image and there is nothing like an open road.

Such a handsome cat.

I love this, a magnificent view and beautiful colours.

Lovely path through trees.

This is a lovely image and I love the bridge.

This looks great.

Love this Karyn, beautiful.

Amazing image, looks great.

Eye catching with lovely colours.