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....this music fits perfectly to the Photography,I think! great shot!!

I guess, that is Cologne (Köln,Germany) 1945....

Hi Stevie-
what a  beautiful house! Is it your home? wink Bernd

!!WOW !! a masterpiece of animal-photography!

Hey Stevie, I have a whole folder full of waterfall-pics,but this is one of the best and most beautiful ones!! best regards ! Bernd

Excellent photo-it is a pity,that you are not the author,Stevie!

VITA SOMNIUM BREVE ! ( wenn schon,dann richtig!)

This photo was taken at  DENNENLOHE -park,which is quite near to the place,where I live....the author is Mario Baesler.

a very beautiful and quiet place to stay for a holiday! a good photo! 1*+Fav!

Oh that is like in a dream, I try since 20 years,but my wisteria does not want to make any flowers....!! 1 *+Fav!

wonderful! where is it? Ireland? 1*+!FAV

...she knows,that she is something special...!  1*Fav!

I love cats,and you have the best photos of cute kitties ever....I Fav them all!

...does she say :"please"?

weird!! -looks strange! incredible...but a really good photo!!

your kittens are soooo cuuuute !!! 1*+Fav!

your kittens are soooo cuuuute !!! 1*+Fav!

great shades of BLUE-*+1Fav*!

thank you Kicmac!- you have the same taste as I do!

great,dark und very gothic!#1+

hey-this piece rocks! +1Fav!! thanks 4 ur halloween-joke!