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The six people who downvoted this image need to either: A. Confer with their local optometrist about having their vision tested. B. Loosen up. C. Revise their views on beauty from that of "Lady Ga Ga" or "Lindsay Lohan" or whomever is the flavour of the week, and appreciate women with a natural attractiveness. D. A bonk on the head. Several times. With a couple of kicks from steel capped boots. That have just been through a muddy field. laugh

THIS has to be the most freakish looking primate on the planet. Just over-the-top bizarre. Look at the schnoz on that face. Whoo. Reminds me of Jimmy Durante: 24vvdad.jpg (O_o)

Cool. FAVE +1 An interesting find ... a Russian schematic of the components which comprise the iconic AK-47 machine gun. Cool. laugh +1