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This one confuses me 🙂

Same. They have a special place in my heart 🙂

Epic. Do you happen to know if there is context for this? I ask because that one arm is getting blown up.

Very cool

Looks sort of like a 'roley poley' but it's a bit nicer looking than they are 😛

Poor AlphaSystem. Far too ugly of a program to compete for the lady computers.

Love it!

Massive mechs are always a good idea 😃

It looks more like a boat than a car to me 😉

omg that's amazing

Super epic. Now I need to go find videos of this beast!

Get some little guy 😃

It's so pretty 😃 Great wallpaper.

This is amazing 😃 Tons of effort in this

Going to New York is something I've always wanted to do. 🙂 I've been to a lot of places in the U.S. but nothing that far East.

Johnny Five is alive!

This is gorgeous!

Such a gorgeous place 🙂

At my mother's house there is a section of her yard that is all bamboo, and it's one of the prettiest spots to be 🙂

Hey lonewolf,

To the left is a set of french doors, so there was plenty of light 🙂

This is strange and amazing 😃

We'll have to remember to show him this one when he gets back 😃

This is one cute cat! 😃

That is an awesome way to start your work day. A nice friendly smile no matter what to start your day off

That's a great looking dog 🙂

Definitely a movie I need to rewatch soon

As far as I know, yes, they are swans just going through a flooded street. It's a shame humans don't handle excess water as well 🙂

I love how gritty the insides of some of these cars are kept. Pristine on the outside, and on the inside still nice, but a nice classic feel.

Love it!


Agreed 😃 Love this guy!