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I also like them a lot


Probably but ... will it look like this now? 😱

I'm here Sharon 🌻🌼🌷

Fondos de Pantalla Niñas Vestido Gafas Compra Bolsa de papel Niños ...

As we would say in Spain ... Sharon, you are with yesterday's newspaper 🙊

Yeah i'm sure they have a date. 

I also have one of these 😅

Hopefully it will disappear! 😼

Disimulas? - Diario16

Emmm ... 🙄

It is the door of a tabernacle (where the sacred host is kept). I'm glad you like it 😉😄


Thanks Sharon 😁

Thank you Sharon 🤗😘

Yes hahaha 😈

Merci, je suis content que ça vous plaise 🙂

Who is Scary? 

Es adorable ❤ ❤

😮 😮 😮

Beautiful colors ❤

I hope it does not sting me!


👍 He knows what he does 😃

This bear looks like a great professional ❤

Yes, it stings and hurts. I have never been stung but I have known my acquaintances 😮

❤ ❤ ❤

Cats are really the gods of this planet, there's more to see 😃

Resultado de imagen de lol