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Burj Khalifa, The Tallest Building In The World With 2722 Feet Tall

This is Ukraine, 2004!




Nice Architecture!

Delicately dainty

Love the color

Beautiful Close Up

His gums are bleeding he must have gingivitis? 😲


Good Meme.

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT !! Got to call my brother and tell him about the awesome trains you just put up,hes going to love them.Thanks torino.😎1F

Sooooooo Beautiful,what a fantastic old photo❤Would love some info on these old photo's Torino,if you know anything.Like date and the place.Keep up the great uploads,I for one appreciate them.Thanks 🙂 1F+1D



最 爱❤ 艇 了 love Led Zeppelin best

I think this might be the first time Ash's feet have been drawn realistically 🤔

Another beautiful card Di, I love it ❤

Thanks for all you hard work and sharing them with us my friend 😁

goddam... this is a perfect wallpaper

The Architecure is Exceptional!

Cool Sandals but i think they should have Made the bottom part yellow to match with his shorts.

AWESOME !! Love the eyes❤👍

Superman heat vision👍

Looks sort of like a 'roley poley' but it's a bit nicer looking than they are 😛

Poor AlphaSystem. Far too ugly of a program to compete for the lady computers.

I'm going to use one of these for my online dating profile pic!

1935 Mercedes Benz 540 K Special Roadster

lit & Conan