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this is such a monumental picture. <3

Picture Perfect! More Just LIke,yes

Ahhh Alice..fav+1.

Original much clearer..initiation rites..fav+1.

May I use your sci fi art to add to my board game. I will mention you in the credits. thanks

Nice! Looks like a nice village with the flowers

This is the best wallpaper everdevil

Nailed it.

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

-William Shakespeare, The Tempest


Can I ask where did you get the background?

Excellent! F+1

Why so low resolution... sad

oooooo Bloody Hell!!

Great landscape


Just a suggestion here , i'd like it if the image " Background " image were changed to something a bit more " high tech " , feels a bit plain to me ... I do like the logo however ...

Pickachu Face? surprise

I Wish I Could lol

My Favorite Characterheart

So Cute

So Lovely♥

This probably goes real fast, cool yes

Yes I can but you know when I was learning and hub was teaching me it took me an hour to get out of the driveway lol

Seriously.  Now I can whip around although I hardly drive anymore since hub retired.  I have a chauffeur. cheeky

That's beautiful, love the Major Mitchell's cockatoo heartyes

Depends, can you drive a manual? cheeky

Nice car, is that for me???? laugh