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Art of Daniel Esparza

This looks amazing on Blu-ray disc, I loved it yes

Blutengel (German: Blood Angel) is a German musical group.

This guy looks terrible, especially in the middle.

Combichrist is a Norwegian aggrotech band formed in 2003

Loooooovvvvve these leopards, and your wall.

Awesome wall ! 1F

The only thing I don't like are the black bands on the sides, otherwise good picture


Art of Daniel Esparza

I don't think I can watch this yet.  I would probably cry through it.  

Too Cute smiley

Love his long locks

Nissan GT-R from Fast and Furious 6

Nissan GT-R from Fast and Furious 6

اييييه ياب انا شهاب مبروووك الاربعه مشاهده ههه



Ist das CC?

nice using it now 

VERY BEAUTIFUL !! yes Great find smiley

C'est vraiment un fond d'écran ca putain ? 


Love this artwork heart

One of the best movies I've seen, Bette Midler is so awseome in this and her voice is amazing heartyes

Perfect for Smartphones

Pretty cool


Super!!! Great wall....+1f

I just LUVVVVVVVVVVV Sam Elliott! heart