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It is, nice work Di heartyes


Too cute, Love it♥



Love this Russian one laugh

Oh, okay - thanks smiley

is this also known as an urchin.  I stepped on a dead one and got a spike in the side of my big toe.  It hurt for years thereafter.

Okay - gotcha wink

Dah - i gathered that at the next image.  I thought there were too many people on the field lol

Image looks great - is this rugby?

Oh, skip my last question, it's more like a summer olympics

That is beautiful Di, yes we all want a friend like that but unfortunately not all of us can find a friend like that but if we do we should hold on to them and cherish them for being there for us.

Another beautiful creation dear friend heartyes

I hope you have a friend like that because you deserve one smiley

Indeed life is too short my friend heartyes


Stop all the Madness smiley

We'll take the Kwik Way lol

Sweet rides - i'l take one of each smiley

awww he's coming to my house ~ so precious

Very Lovely

Awesome card, it looks amazing my friend heartyes

Lovely B&W


It is magical looking but I just looked up the price to stay there smiley

Rent this 5 Bedroom villa in Kediri for $744/night.

Must be awesome for that price laugh

Bud, Id make that my permanent residence. That is so all me right there! What a magical looking place

Damn hes so cute smileyheart

That looks like a quiet place to stay at and beautiful, would love to go there smileyyes