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R.I.P Stan, we all will miss you sad

    This has to be one of the most soulful wallpapers ive ever seen. I use it as my backround. Thank u for shareing!!

Must go to rescue!

Simply  Gorgeousheart

Love the hat, reminds me of a suit I had in white back in the day smiley   pretty one

Gee Jerry, You're Welcome, Nice to see you. wink

THANKS! - always love your comments - greetz from Amsterdam ...

So blue and Beautiful♥

Beautiful R&R

So Pure♥

Lovely seascape and the sky is amazing.


Clean lines, gorgeous face, very natural. NICE!!!

He looked so blank when he got his award, did you see it?

Cool Shoes

Absolutely love this.  It  looks great on my home desktop, it is everything I like in a wallpaper.

Jerry You can count me in as I'll always drink with a friend ~ Cheers 



AMAZING BABE INDEED !! Love her eyesheartyes

There's nothing like the sound of crashing waves on the shore.  Beautiful Shot!

BEAUTIFUL+1+F smileysmiley

Bye Bye France - May the best team win smiley


heartheartBeautifulheartheart Thank You smiley

Happy Valentines Day wink


I can't believe this is real...


Love the Colors and a Very Refreshing Drink , I'll buy the next round wink