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I think this is a Quetzal but I'm only guessing smiley

She's awesome, love the colour to. Great shot rimete smiley

Very Clear smiley



Hey lonewolf,

To the left is a set of french doors, so there was plenty of light smiley

Great shot DW, did you use a flash or was there enough light?  1F

Its awesome to still have these vintage photo's that generations can look at, I myself have a usb full of the old Native Americans, The Civil War and their uniforms. I love looking at them but I wonder if we have learned anything from the past wars. Great uploads my friend, thanks. smiley 1F

so precious awwww Love it!


All of your photos are wonderfully captured, this one is too cute smiley

love this

These little guys are one of my fav animals but they are very hard to photograph at our zoo. Nice one Bobbyheart1F

Super F.D J'Aime SA ?


"Sharing smiles and stickers. Proof that - no matter where you're from, or what language you speak — a small act of kindness can transcend any barrier."

Long road, infinite Love.

angryLa Mettre entiere serait mieux Non ?crying



winkSuper F.D Merci...190914.cheeky

simplemente de otro mundo,gracias


Gosto muito!!

Oh noooo

Love this, very nice

yes Love This

Lindo gato !


Simply Beautiful