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I love the picture its one of my favorites heartyes

These Sloths look so cool, love them yesheart

I hope I did smiley

Nice one Di heartyes

System of a Down, also known by the acronym SOAD and often shortened to System, is an Armenian American rock band from Southern California, formed in 1994.

Awesome, love this yes

J'adore la force de cette actrice!

I love this movie, and love the artwork that comes from it.

A real twist in the tale that takes me by surprise every time I watch it smiley

Thanks to Sharon for posting this laugh

LOVE it!

Hi Jersey, totally, she is my mistress, don't tell my wife! lol Goodluck with your surgery, I hope all goes well! smiley

The pearls reflect the same color as her eyes, beautiful


Excellent Movie, Shirley McClaine is a good actress also.  She is the sister of Warren Beatty but you probably knew that smiley

Thanks again, JerseyGirl! You are so kind!

ROCK ON ~ FANTASTIC IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!yesyesyesyesyes

Great Work

Beautiful ~ Electrifying ~ Love it!

LOL! Thanks for your comments! They put a smile on my face! laugh

LOL  Been looking at your Mind Teaser too long?? wink

I Know the Feeling~ LOL Good one, thanks smiley

Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement! laughheart

This is so cool! smiley

Love it! I saw it on DN and was REALLY hoping you would post it here laugh


This Rocks!!!! Perfect ~ Love it!

Outstanding! Exceptionally Beautiful!!

Love the Purple Beauty

Excellent Work!

Sad ~ Very Pretty

Beautiful, Lovely Background!

COOL! Thanks!

Oh my!  This is amazing!