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Haut les ailes ! C'est un hold up de nectar !


It's a hellova town!!! 😉

The Big Apple ❤


Awww 😃 I love it Ex Deo. Thanks a ton - I'm going to show this to everyone haha.

I love native american art one of my favorite subjects,thanks for them. F+1D \

dear Carrie,-
   thank you so much for submitting  these wonderful pictures of the native americans!! This Martin Grelle is an excellent painter and all his works are my favourites! really great artwork-I love it - best regards! Bernd



Beautiful! fav+1

AWESOME,really......+1f 🙂

Thank you for including Vivi in the crew !! 😢❤

thanks cdd, you beat me to replying 😃

yes, this is a wall of the Straw Hat crew & Vivi from the Alabasta arc... a little off character wise with Brook being in the picture but still fantastic

Blue hair: Vivi
Orange hair: Nami
Black hair: Nico Robin

is that vivi in this picture?

I like it but, ay yo this is lingerie!

Beautiful!+1 fav!! 😃😃



From which Anime this wallpaper has been taken.....

+1 Fav.


You too Dom🙂

Thank you have a nice week

Like this

This one is perfect

I should really get into anime.

We can build a leaf slide

great wallpaper👍