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Great angel, makes her look bigger, awesome yes


She needs a facelift, but I like the concept winksmiley

now this I like, well done.

Cute laugh

I needed to see this....thanks.


I could have claimed myself as the author on this one, but all I did was add white space on the right and left then color match the fill.

This actually happened. The Luftwaffe pilot after shooting up the P-47 left him alive. After the war these two pilots met.

Wow this is Art

Nice Job!

Hes gorgeous !! F+1D\



nice one man...+1 fav

I searching for images of Angels. And your wallpapers are beautiful. Congratulations. Can I use one of them in one book? Thank you, Lei

Semoga bermanfaat


Does anyone know the author of this wallpaper?


Thank you Vam-195 for the great photo

This pict come from an add book.

Muwahahahahahaaaaaa...The Queen!angry

wow! +1 Fav.

memories...had one from '83-'84

J"aime, superbe !

i need her name......


Nice laugh

cute xD

I hope its better than the first game...13 sucked big time