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He was truly missed in the UEFA cup with Real sad

that's true

I Lived near where they filmed the first one. yes

Thank yoy. laugh

That is what I like about art...Each person can relate in their own ways.  No wrongs, no rights, just presence of mind. smiley

Great movie, one I don't tire of smiley


yes It will be awhile til he is back sad   Go PSG yes

I see it as beauty in front of darkness.  Different type of concept.

Or it could be tunnel out of the darkness and be surrounded by beauty?

Wow, much depth.  Great Work!

Saw him live at Madison Square Garden in the late 70's.  Awesome!

this is ofensive to buddhists .the buddha taught against god .we do not follow a god or a book full of hate .all this is christians trying to look cool and modern.please no more of this....

Made so well another yearly watch for me yes

John Payne, Maureen Ohara, Natalie Wood and Fred Gwen, I have to watch this every year.yes

Great Movie

Whew, that makes me feel better yes

No no. It is a precious part and we are not going to eat it. heart

aww Mommy's love heart

Are we having him for dinner?  I had quail when I went to Italy on my honeymoon.  They didn't tell me, they said it was chicken sad





Getting ready to ride yes




Just like in the movies smiley